• Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington
  • 48th Running

Backpack Restrictions

For security reasons, participants should be aware that no backpacks or other opaque/solid fabric bags will be permitted in the START area, on the course, or in the immediate vicinity of the FINISH area.  Clear plastic bags and clear plastic string bags are acceptable.

Additional information:

  • This restriction applies to backpack hydration systems (e.g. Camelbacks, etc.).  There is plenty of water on the course and no restriction as to how much you can consume from the water aid stations.
  • If necessary, participants may wear a SMALL fanny pack to carry essentials such as keys, cash, ID or snack bars to manage blood sugar etc.  The emphasis is on SMALL.  A size similar to the hand-warmer sleeves worn by athletes on the football field would be the largest permissible.
  • Water bottles associated with a fanny pack must be clear plastic and may be disposed of, if you like, in the recycle bins at the FINISH area and throughout the downtown area and Riverfront Park.
  • If you wish to hand-carry a water bottle, it must be CLEAR plastic. The logo-ed, solid-colored bottles that are typically sold with fanny packs are not allowed. Commercially sold, clear plastic water bottles are fine.
  • Security and volunteers will be at the START area load-in streets scrutinizing people and backpacks, bags/fanny packs.  They will NOT be inspecting items or giving “special permission” to permit hydration packs, backpacks or large carry packs into the controlled zone of the Start Line.  These items will be turned away.  That might mean a long walk back to your car or hotel room to secure your belongings as there is no secure area nearby to store them.  Be smart.  If you question whether the size of the pack you intend to bring is too large, it likely is too large and will be turned away.
  • Those pushing strollers may bring a bag or pack to carry what they need (diapers, snacks, etc.) to take care of their children during Bloomsday.  These participants must line up in RED starting group.
  • Child carrier packs are permitted as long as there is a child in the carrier (save for diaper and other necessary parental duties).  Elaborate child carriers are ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED as they cause undue security concerns and alarm among other participants. If an elaborate child carrier is a necessity, wearer needs to line up in the RED starting group.
  • Corporate Cup participants should check with their team captain for special instructions relating to the Corporate Cup division as pick-up and drop off logistics have been changed.
  • Volunteers may bring what they need to their work assignments but MUST be wearing their volunteer race crew shirts and/or have appropriate credentials displayed.
  • Spectators are also asked not to bring backpacks, bags or coolers to the course.
  • No backpacks, bags or coolers may be left unattended at any time.