The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 45th running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • September 18-27, 2020
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Prize Money

Open Prize Money
Place Men Women
1. $7,000 $7,000
2. 4,500 4,500
3. 3,000 3,000
4. 2,500 2,500
5. 1,800 1,800
6. 1,350 1,350
7. 1,000 1,000
8. 900 900
9. 700 700
10. 600 600
11. 500 500
12. 400 400
13. 300 300
14. 250 250
15. 200 200
Place Men Women
1. $1,500 $1,500
2. 1,000 1,000
3. 500 500
U.S. Citizens
Place Men Women
1. $5,000 $5,000
2. 2,500 2,500
3. 1,250 1,250
4. 750 750
5. 500 500

Washington Resident Prize Money--$5,000
Wheelchair Prize Money--$17,200
Results from 2018

For Virtual Bloomsday 2020, no top finishers will be posted, nor will age-group standings be published.   We look forward to awarding prize money again, and hosting the world's fastest athletes, when we are able to hold an in-person race in the future.   

Note: U.S. citizens must finish in the top 25 overall to collect U.S. prize money. U.S. citizens can collect money in both U.S. and open divisions (double-dipping allowed). In all other categories, runners who qualify for prize money in more than one division will be paid the higher amount. If the amounts in the two divisions are equal, prize money will be considered to be paid in the following order--masters, open, Washington championship (e.g. a runner who qualifies for $1,000 in both masters and open will be paid the masters $1,000).

The Lilac Bloomsday Run has a limited budget for travel and lodging expenses for top competitors. Runners who believe they have a chance of finishing in a prize money position MAY be eligible for travel and/or lodging assistance. Contact Andy LeFriec for further information.

The Lilac Bloomsday Run is pleased to be part of the 2020 PRRO Circuit of major prize money races. Any athlete winning one of the first four PRRO Circuit races plus the PRRO Championship will earn a $10,000 cash bonus (split if a man and a woman both qualify). If the male and female winners of the PRRO Championship have not won any of the previous events on that year's circuit, they will win $2,500 as the PRRO Circuit Champions in addition to the prize money offered by the Championship event. Rules are listed on the PRRO website.

As a member of the PRRO circuit, the Lilac Bloomsday Run supports and abides by the circuit's new policy which prohibits any travel or lodging expenses being offered to an elite athlete who has been found guilty of a major doping offense and has served a suspension of two years or longer.

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Partners for a Drug Free Sport


Athletes who participate in this competition may be subject to formal drug testing in accordance with USATF and IAAF rules, in accordance with USOC, Clearidium, or IAAF procedures. Athletes found, after a disciplinary hearing, to be positive for prohibited substances, as defined by the WADA Code and/or IAAF, or who refuse to be tested, will be disqualified from this event and may lose eligibility for future competitions. Any prize money payable to an athlete who has tested positive shall be withheld until the final disposition of all disciplinary proceedings. BEWARE: Some prescriptions, over the counter medications, and nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances. Information regarding drugs and drug testing may be obtained by calling the USADA Reference HotLine at 1-800-233-0393, or


The Lilac Bloomsday Run will follow all applicable USATF and IAAF rules governing drug testing and the payment of prize funds. Under US tax laws, any payments made to non-resident foreign runners will be subject to a 30% withholding fee. Runners with high school or collegiate eligibility should check with their respective association regarding prize money, since such payments are almost never allowed.