The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 45th running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • September 18-27, 2020
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Summer Rave Runs

Here is a collection of runs and walks for you to enjoy this summer.  These runs were featured in our celebration of Global Running Day.  As the weather warms up, these fun routes are sure to brighten your day and invigorate your fitness regimen. 

Downtown Peaceful Valley

Rave Run #1:   Kendall Yards to Peaceful Valley.  The run begin at Kendall Yards, crosses the famous Monroe St. bridge and then descends into Peaceful Valley with a right turn on Main St.  This section of the run was once part of the Bloomsday course.  You will run by the coolest Hoopfest Court under the Maple St. bridge and connect with the Sandifur bridge around mile 2 to cross the Spokane River.  Then climb the Centennial Trail back towards Kendall Yards.   This is a 3-4 mile loop.   

Brownes Addition

Rave Run #2:   The Browne's Addition loop.   Begin downtown at the running statues in Riverfront Park and head west on Spokane Falls Blvd.  Run past the historic Masonic Temple, along the tree lined street of Riverside, and eventually into the Browne's Addition neighborhood.  Enjoy streets with original brick and beautiful mansions built by Spokane's founders.  Run the perimeter of Coeur d'Alene park, the city's first park, and then return along the same route to downtown.  Enjoy this 4-mile historic running tour!  

Iron Bridge

Rave Run #3:   The Bridge Run.   This out and back run begins at the Carrousel in Spokane's Riverfront Park.  Run east on the Centennial trail to Gonzaga University.  You will cross the Don Kardong bridge.  Continue east over the Hamilton street overpass to Superior St. where you will make a quick jog to the right and cross the Iron bridge.  At the end of the Iron bridge turn right to connect with Trent/Spokane Falls Blvd. and head west toward the University District.  Continue on Spokane Falls Blvd. to the Gateway bridge in the heart of the U-District.  Cross the Gateway bridge, turn around, and then head back on the same route.  You will cross 6 bridges along this beautiful downtown route!  

Ben Burr

Rave Run #4:   Ben Burr Trail.   This gem of a trail is on Spokane's lower south hill.  This rail to trail path was once an interurban street car line in the early 1900s.  The wooden Altamont street bridge (pictured) is one of the highlights of this run.  The route:  Start in Liberty park near 3rd and Liberty Park Place.  Run the trail (which is about 1 mile in distance) to where the asphalt ends and turn around.  The trail connects Liberty park to Underhill park which offers plenty of opportunity to add on additional mileage with park loops.   


Rave Run #5:   Manito Park to Cannon Hill Park (Spokane South Hill).   Begin at Hart field near Manito Blvd. and 33rd Ave., and run the Manito Blvd. median to Manito Park.  The canopy of trees in this stretch during the spring and summer is amazing.  Cruise by famed Duncan Gardens and underneath the gorgeous rock span bridge.  Cross Bernard street at 21st Ave. and run the brick streets to Cannon Hill Park.  This 800m loop park, with soft dirt paths, duck pond, and small rock bridges, is a perfect way to end a gorgeous run.  

Bowl Pitcher

Rave Run #6:  Bowl and Pitcher (Riverside State Park).   This run has it all:  scenic views, soft trails, soaring pines, and the iconic suspension bridge over the roaring Spokane River.  Just a mile past the Downriver golf course, park at the Bowl and Pitcher ranger station parking lot, cross the suspension bridge and enjoy a run as far as your legs will take you!