The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 45th running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • September 18-27, 2020
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Overview & History

The 2020 Fit For Bloomsday Program is Sponsored by CHAS Health

74 Schools and 7,434 kids signed up for the 2019 Fit For Bloomsday program!

What is Fit For Bloomsday?

Fit For Bloomsday...Fit For Life--dubbed Fit For Bloomsday for short--is a training program for elementary school age children. The program was developed by Bloomsday volunteers in cooperation with PE instructors, coaches and parents in the Spokane area. The Lilac Bloomsday Association provides information, materials, structure and incentives for the 8-10 week program, which is administered by school personnel and volunteers at participating schools. Special coupons are provided by Mobius Kids, the Garland Theater, and Riverfront Park.

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Over 70 schools and nearly 7,000 children participate in the Fit For Bloomsday Program each year. The program prepares the kids to run or walk Bloomsday while teaching them the importance of fitness, nutrition and safety.

All City XC 2013

Bloomsday also sponsors the All City Elementary Cross Country Meet each fall.

How can my school sign up?

Schools sign up by filling out the following application form:

Fit for Bloomsday School Application

Which schools signed up in 2019?

Adams Elementary (Central Valley)

Adams Elementary (Spokane)

Arlington Elementary

Assumption Elementary

Audubon Elementary

Balboa Elementary

Bemiss Elementary

Betz Elementary

Brentwood Elementary

Cataldo Catholic School

Colbert Elementary

Continuous Curriculum

Evergreen Elementary

Farwell Elementary

Finch Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Garfield Elementary

Garwood Elementary

Grant Elementary

Greenacres Elementary

Hallett Elementary

Hutton Elementary

Indian Trail Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Lakeside Elementary

Libby Center

Liberty Elementary

Liberty Lake Elementary

Lidgerwood Elementary

Linwood Elementary

Madison Elementary

Meadow Ridge Elementary

Michael Anderson Elementary

Midway Elementary

Moran Prairie Elementary

Mullan Road Elementary

Native Project

Ness Elementary

New Happy Christian Acadmeny

Nine Mile Falls Elementary

North Wall Schools

Northport School District

Opportunity Elementary

Orchard Center Elementary

Orchard Prairie Elementary

Pasadena Park Elementary

Pioneer School

Ponderosa Elementary

Praiarie View Elementary/ID

Progress Elementary

Reardan-Edwall School Dist

Riverside Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Salnave Elementary

Sheridan Elementary

South Pines Elementary

Southside Christian School

Spokane International Academy

Spokane Valley Adventist

St John Vianney

St Mary Catholic School


Sunrise Elementary

Trinity Catholic School

University Elementary

Washtucna School

West Ridge Elementary

Westview Elementary

Whitman Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Windsor Elementary

Woodridge Elementary





Photos above by Sarah Kwak
Sunset Elementary (above photo)--2012 Award Winners

History of Fit For Bloomsday

In many ways, the growth of the Fit for Bloomsday...Fit for Life Program is as remarkable as the history of the Lilac Bloomsday Run itself. Bloomsday started in 1977 with approximately 1,000 entrants. Two years later, it reached 10,000, and today, over 40,000 participate.

The Fit for Bloomsday program enjoyed similar success, with approximately 2,500 kids from 35 schools completing the program in the inaugural year of 1986. Today, nearly 7,000 kids from more than 70 schools participate.

The seeds of the program's success were planted early. During the late 1970's, teachers and parents preparing for Bloomsday at several Spokane-area schools began inviting kids to join them. By the early '80s, numerous schools around town had training programs in place.

Bloomsday officials were made acutely aware of the burgeoning interest in running among kids when they ran out of extra-small T-shirts after the 1985 Bloomsday Run. When they checked their records, they found that participation in the 12-and-under age group had grown from about 2,000 in 1984 to nearly 6,000 in a single year!

In a 12-kilometer event with as many as 50,000 people, it makes little sense (and can be dangerous) to encourage kids to be competitive, so listings of top performances in the 12-and -under category were subsequently dropped. But the participation of young kids in Spokane's favorite run was greeted with enthusiasm. In post-race discussions, Bloomsday officials wondered what they could do to help teachers prepare and motivate kids interested in Bloomsday. By the next spring, they introduced the Fit For Bloomsday program.

The goals of Fit For Bloomsday have essentially remained the same over the years: provide informational and organizational materials for teachers and parents who conduct non-competitive children's programs, as well as rewards for those kids who complete a certain number of training sessions; help adults help kids prepare for Bloomsday, other area fitness events, or simply healthier living.

There is an ongoing discussion in the United States about what can be done to improve the fitness of the American youth. Here in the Inland Northwest, teachers, parents and fitness advocates have joined together to do something about it: Fit For Bloomsday...Fit For Life.